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Learn More About Photography Using Pentax Camera Lens Adapters

No matter how good a camera is, it can only take pictures so far away without any help. With a good lens, however, you can do all sorts of things like panoramas and distance. If the lens you would like to use will not fit on your camera, a Pentax adapter may do the trick.

What does a lens adapter do?

A lens adapter is a unit that has threaded rings inside its component and one side connects to your camera and the other side connects to your lens. In this way, you can use a lens that is otherwise incompatible with your camera.

What cameras and lenses are compatible with Pentax adapters?

Lenses aren't always compatible from camera to camera, even within the same brand. With an adapter, you can connect a Sony lens to your Pentax K. Other examples of lenses that can be made compatible with your Pentax K mount are as follows:

  • Canon EOS
  • Leica M
  • M42/Universal
  • Pentax 645

By the same token, if yours is built by one of the other brands, a Pentax adapter can be used to attach a Pentax lens to your camera. See the manufacturer site for details.

How do you use a lens adapter?

A lens adapter makes an incompatible lens fit onto your camera. For instance, an adapter for a Pentax K mount has the correct attachment needed to mount it to the Pentax K. The other side of the adapter, depending on the adapter, will have the correct attachment for an incompatible lens. In this way, you can use different lenses than those that come with your Pentax.

An adapter has threads on each end of the ring. The threads on one end will attach to your camera, and the threads on the other end connect to your lens.

Are there other ways that camera lens adapters work?

Some cameras may not have the threads for an adapter. These will need a different kind of adapter that usually comes with the camera. This lens adapter will have an attachment mechanism for the camera end and threads on the other end for attaching a lens or another adapter. For this adapter, it is often easier to attach it to your camera if you attach a filter lens to it first, as it is often made of plastic and a little bit flexible. One thing to note is that you should never twist the adapters or lenses too tightly, as this may make them difficult to take off.