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Use a Cowling or Housing to Protect Your Boat Engine

An outboard motor is an efficient way to propel and steer a small boat. Because it fits on the outside of your marine craft, it is exposed to debris, the elements, and other potential hazards. You can find outboard cowlings on eBay that can protect or streamline your engine.

How does an outboard cowling help your boat?

You may be able to add several benefits to your boat by installing a cover or shell from eBay. Note that many manufacturers will produce covers with dimensions or specifications meant for outboard motors based on their horsepower levels. You can see the manufacturers site for details on sizing and HP options. Some of the potential benefits of using one of these covers include:

  • Drag - A motor cover may improve the aerodynamics of the engine and reduce the drag it places on your craft.
  • Cooling - The cover could direct airflow in such a way that it keeps your outboard motor cool while it is running.
  • Decoration - These covers can be a good way to customize your motor to suit your tastes.

Can you purchase used cowlings or housings?

eBay sells a variety of marine motor maintenance equipment in both new and pre-owned conditions. In some cases, used housings may be new but lack their original packaging and details. Getting a used outboard cowling could give you similar performance at a lower price. You can determine a custom price range, but common price categories on eBay include:

  • Housings under $35
  • Items up to $75
  • Anything over $75

How do you install a motor cowling?

The precise steps for installing or removing a watercrafts protective cover can vary depending on the brand or model you choose. However, many covers use similar steps in their installation processes. You may be able to use the steps here as a guide:

  • Hook - Find the front hook on your motor and push the cover down over the seat.
  • Press and latch - Continue to press down on the cover firmly and move the rear latch in position to lock it.
  • Removal - Simply unlock the latch and lift up on the hood to remove it.

What brands can you choose?

You may wish to get a cover that matches the brand or HP designation of your boat to ensure compatibility. Some common brands found on eBay are:

  • Evinrude
  • Mercury
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Johnson