Other Car and Truck Manuals and Literature

Car and truck manuals are the owners first resource in learning more about their vehicle. There are a variety of manuals available: service manuals, repair manuals, and shop manuals. Here, youll find an array of print manuals as well as thousands of car and truck online manuals from Haynes, a world leader in automotive documentation.

What is a users manual?

A users manual is a book that instructs the driver of a car or truck on how to operate their specific make and model. Instructions such as how to operate the emergency brake, control the compact disc player, and turn the child locks on and off will all be found in a cars user manual. It is wise to read through the users manual prior to operating any vehicle for insight as to how to operate the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.

What is in service manuals?

A service manual is a publication that instructs owners on how and when to service their vehicle. Some common services that autos routinely require are:

  • Oil change
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Tire Rotation and Air Level Check

When referencing service manuals and repair manuals, note that all manuals are specific to the make and model of the automobile.

What is the Chilton manual?

The Chilton car and truck manual is an aftermarket publication, meaning that it was not published by the vehicle company. It is intended to replace factory-issued repair manuals. When it is impossible the obtain the original service or repair manuals, the Chilton manual can be counted on to provide reliable information, especially when tackling a project such as an engine rebuild or transmission work.

What is a shop manual?

A shop manual is similar to repair manuals in that it is published for use in an automotive shop. Shop manuals are written for automotive professionals and may contain language that is too advanced for the home mechanic. Jobs detailed in a shop manual, such as a motor rebuild, chassis work, and electrical wiring, are ones that are commonly left to the experts at repair shops.

What kind of manuals come with an automobile?

When a new auto is driven off of the dealership lot, there will be a users manual as well as a service manual in the glovebox. This manual is the most efficient way for the new driver to learn how to take care of their new ride.