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Choosing Tonearms and Other Turntable Accessories

Are you a professional DJ, a home-based audiophile, or just a music lover looking for new tonearm for your Hi-Fi stereo system so you can listen to your old vinyl records? The size, weight, and balancing of a tonearm can all affect your music quality and playback. It is the tonearm that holds and moves the needle or stylus across the grooves of your vinyl, therefore it is an important turntable component.

What Does This Brand Offer?

Ortofon has been producing high fidelity sound equipment and accessories for over a century. Over that time, their tonearm range has included over 20 different models. Key features of their current models include:

  • Gimbal arm designs that are interchangeable with other parts and accessories such as phono cartridges and headshells
  • Static balanced tonearms
  • Counterweights for balancing interchangeable cartridge and headshells
  • Tracking force adjusting ranges of 0-4 g
  • Height adjustment ranges of 35-55 mm
  • Different armlength sizes to accommodate the distance between the pivot point and turn-table center
  • Rubber damping components to absorb vibration.

To confirm the full specifications of individual models of tonearms and accessories produced by this brand, please refer to the company's own website.

What Other Turntable Accessories Does This Brand Have?

To get the most out of listening to a vinyl record collection, there are a few other accessories to consider. This includes the individual components on a tonearm and other accessories that will help you keep your gear and equipment in good condition. Ortofon's accessories for their tonearms and phono gear includes:

  • Cartridges: Their tonearm cartridges range from all-purpose units to those with needles and styles specifically for playing different speed records like 78 rpm or aiming to add more resolution to your sound.
  • Cables: Tonearm cables have optimized shielding to protect from any electromagnetic interference from other external devices. Other cables and leads, including speaker cables, come with all-purpose or color-coded leads that can work for different types of sound transmission.
  • Stabilizer Weights: Additional counterweights or stabilizer weights may be necessary to balance out the weight differences between interchangeable headshells or cartridges.
  • Measurement Tools: This brand makes a few measurement gadgets to help you get the placement of components as accurately and precisely positioned as possible. These include bubble levelers to visually check the position of the mount, cartridge aligners to check the distance from the stylus tip to the pivot, and stylus pressure gauges to measure the tracking force of the needle on your vinyl.
  • Stylus Brushes: Fiber stylus brushes help you safely and gently remove any dust or debris from the needle.
  • Arm Accessories: Rests, arm lifts, and finger lifts can help you safely move and secure the tonearm.

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