Onion Vegetable Seeds

How to Select and Grow Onion Seeds

Are green onions the same vegetable as white, yellow, or red onions?

Many new gardeners think they need separate seeds for growing green onions and onion bulbs. However, both of these tasty treats actually come from the same versatile plant. Green onions, which are also called scallions, are the part of the plant that grows above the ground. You can trim off green onions to use for cooking, and the plant will continue to grow as long as you leave at least some greenery in place. Meanwhile, the onion itself will form as a bulb below ground. You can dig or pull it up to get regular rounded onions to cook with.

What are common onion seed variants?

Most onions are divided into different cultivars based on whether you are growing them for dry bulbs, salad onions, or pickling onions. Standard onion seeds typically come as red onions, white onions, or yellow onions. There can be all sorts of subtle differences in taste and usage. Some varieties may produce bitter or sweet onions, and some may be better raw or cooked. Another thing to consider is that some varieties may be non-GMO or heirloom seeds that produce more uncommon onion types. Starting from seed works best for short-season varieties and scallions since long-season varieties may not have enough time to mature when seeds are sown directly in the garden.

How long does it take onion seeds to sprout?

Onion seeds usually sprout in about four to 10 days.

When should you sow onion seeds?

Onions do best in temperatures of around 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In colder regions, onions can be planted in late spring. In very mild climates, they can be a winter crop that you can plant in late fall or winter.

Should you start them indoors?

If you get a lot of frost in your area, you can start onion seeds indoors to ensure they have enough time to grow before it frosts over again. Normally, the seedlings should be set outside after eight to 10 weeks inside.

How far apart should you space onions?

You can plant the seeds an inch or so apart, but once the onions have sprouted, place them roughly 6 inches apart.

When are onions ready to harvest?

Most onion bulbs are ready to harvest after two or three months.

How much sun do onions need?

Onions cannot grow in full shade. They do best in an area with at least six hours of full sunlight per day.