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Nose Studs

Studs are a straightforward choice for people who want to show off their nose piercings. With so many designs and stones available, from peace signs to diamond nose pins, choosing the right option may seem complicated. There are a few things to know that will help you make the right choice when it comes to a new nose stud.

What are the types of nose rings?

There are several types of nose rings, some designed to fit a nostril piercing and some that are made for a septum piercing. Some of the options include the following:

  • Nose screw: This nose ring is just what it sounds like. The post is twisted into a screw shape at the bottom for extra security.
  • Nose bone: A nose bone, or nose pin, has a straight post with a slightly bulbous end to prevent the jewelry from falling out.
  • Nose ring: Also known as a nose hoop, a ring can be used in both nostril and septum piercings. The nostril version typically has a flat disc on one end to hold it in. Septum rings can have balls that screw onto the ends or one ball or gem that both ends attach to with pressure. They can also be clickers, which have a section that clicks shut.
  • L-shaped: The post on L-shaped nose jewelry comes pre-bent into a right angle that holds it secure.
  • Fishtail: The fishtail nose pin is longer than other types of nose jewelry at about 3/4\". A fishtail nose stud is designed to be custom-fitted by a professional piercer. Your piercer will either bend the post into an L or a screw shape so that the bend is at just the right point for your nostril thickness.
What gauges do nose rings come in?

The standard nose ring sizes are 18G (.8mm thick) and 20G (1mm thick), although, you can buy nose pins in other sizes. The higher the number, the smaller the nose pin post is in diameter. The standard length for nose studs is 1/4\" to 5/16\". The exception is the fishtail, which is longer to allow for customization.

What metals are used in quality nose studs?

You want anything that comes into contact with the inside of your skin to be high-quality. The more biocompatible the nose ring metal is, the better off your skin will be. Reliable materials include the following:

  • Titanium: Strong, beautiful, and long-lasting, titanium is a top choice for jewelry, including nose studs. Titanium won't cause allergic reactions either.
  • Stainless steel: Steel is an attractive and durable choice for body jewelry. Go with a surgical-grade stainless steel nose pin if you choose this option.
  • Gold: If you prefer the classic look of gold, choose 14k or 18k to get the purity and durability you want for your nose piercing.