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Add a Nikon F4 Camera to Your Photography Equipment

Nikon's F4 camera is an autofocus SLR that uses the 35-millimeter format. This 35mm film camera is the first professional-grade unit in Nikon's lineup to feature an autofocus feature. There are several other features, accessories, and options for the Nikon F4 for sale that you can explore on eBay.

What are the benefits of an autofocus system?

The Nikon F4 features an autofocus system that can help you improve the quality of your photographs. A sensor inside the F4 works in conjunction with a small motor to shift focus to your subject. Although the focus is happening automatically, you can select the scene or subject of your photo manually if you wish. There are two primary types of autofocus:

  • Active: If the Nikon F4 is using an active autofocus system, it will ignore the optics of the camera as it measures the distance to your subject. Once the system takes a measurement, it will adjust the optics to match it.
  • Passive: This type of autofocus system will analyze the imagery entering the optical field, but it will not direct energy toward a subject or make changes to the optics by itself.

What are some features of a Nikon film camera?

The Nikon F4 includes a host of features that you can explore using the helpful search options on eBay. If you have a specific set of features in mind, you can select the options you want to see from the lists or categories. Some Nikon F4 features you will come across during your search are explained here:

  • UV filters: You can use a UV filter on your F4 camera to reduce image sharpness or contrast. They are designed to protect the lens of your camera from dust, debris, and scratches.
  • Diopter adjustment: If your lens is in focus but the image through your viewfinder is still blurry, you can clear things up by using the adjustable diopter on your Nikon F4.
  • Waterproof: Some versions of the F4 are intended to be resistant to water or excess moisture.

Can you get accessories for a Nikon F4 film camera?

Some Nikon F4 models on eBay come complete with a variety of accessories for your convenience. When searching for listings and prices, make sure you find accessories that are compatible with the Nikon F4 instead of the Nikon F3. You can find F4 cameras that include one or more of the following things:

  • Caps: These help you protect your lens when the camera is not in use.
  • Straps: A strap can make it easier to carry or transport your Nikon F4.
  • Grips: Grips can help you hold the camera at unusual heights or angles.

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