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New Balance 574 Sneakers Are a Timeless Hit

New Balance 574 Sneakers

Founded in 1906 by William J. Riley, the New Balance company started out with a focus to create shoes that provide plenty of arch support to its customers, using a three-point-design. The three-point design concept was taken from his observations of chicken feet: chickens seemed to balance extraordinarily well on their feet that consisted of three main toes. New Balance kept this concept in mind when creating their shoes.

What other variations of the New Balance 574 are there?

There are several different variations of the New Balance 574 available. Youll most likely be able to find a style that fits your aesthetic and performance needs. Some of the casual sneakers and fashion sneakers include:

  • New Balance 574 Camo: This shoe is literally the 574 with a camouflage print. It's a little outdoorsy and edgy.
  • New Balance 574 Lux: This shoe is exactly like the regular 574 except that all of the materials have been updated. It's outfitted with high-end nubuck leather. It also comes with a mesh tongue and a liner made out of terry cloth.
New Balance 574 Black Sneakers
  • The New Balance 574 Leather: This is another version of the shoe thats dressed up in all over leather. It retains all of the technical details of the original 574 while adding an upgraded, luxurious look.
  • The New Balance 574 Sport: This version of the shoe upgraded the cushioning capabilities so that it is even more comfortable for runners. It didn't take anything away from the look and design of the shoe.

How did New Balance get into sneaker design?

In the 1930s, the company began creating athletic sneakers for track and field athletes and baseball players, prompting many other athletes to come to the New Balance offices to request their very own custom-made shoes. The company released the Tractor silhouette in the 1950s.

By 1976, the New Balance 320 was called the best running shoe in the world by runners world magazine. Two other New Balance shoes entered the top 10 on that list for the best men's lifestyle shoes. The company released the New Balance 574s in 1988.

New Balance 574 Grey Sneakers

What are the details of the original New Balance 574?

The original New Balance 574 was released as an advanced running shoe, but some people used them as streetstyle shoes.

  • The shoe is a blend of New Balance 575 and 576 sneakers.
  • The shoes were first released as part of New Balance's off-road, wear-anywhere shoes, for people who run on trails or roads.
  • It comes with the ENCAP cushioning feature that provides plenty of comfort for the runner's feet.
  • The shoe is billed as a very simple running shoe, but details like the EVA foam in the heel make it a top contender for many runners.
New Balance 574 Red Sneakers

Do the New Balance 574 of today differ that much from the old version?

The 574s that were released after the original version don't really stray that much from the originals, but there have been a few changes.

The 574 Sport released in 2017 are leather and suede sneakers that take the original 574 aesthetic and blends it with the latest New Balance technology. It comes with an upper made out of mesh and suede for a fully comfortable, breathable feel. It has a full, fresh foam midsole, providing plenty of bounce. It has an absorb crash pad, providing a comfortable service to land on when walking or jumping. The shoes' high tongues and ankle-style collars create a secure fit.

New Balance 574 Blue Sneakers

New Balance 574 vs. adidas Supernova

New Balance 574 Adidas Supernova
Sizing 7 to 15 6.5 to 13
Fit True to size True to size
Closure Laces Laces
Available Colors Multiple Multiple

What color options are available with the New Balance 574?

New Balance releases new color options with every release of the shoe. There is a wide range of options ranging from glittery or metallic colors to simple black and white leather. They also release 574s to coincide with major sporting events.

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