Vacuum Tube Products by Mullard

Vacuum tube sound accessories are designed for electronic equipment that generates different sound frequencies while pulling electricity. These tubes are built with various components that manage electric currents as they travel around electrodes within an evacuated housing. Mullard provides a variety of vacuum tube options that will operate with different electronic devices.

What are the vacuum tube design options?

When vacuum tubes are designed, they're classified strategically according to specific design specs. The main options include:

  • Vacuum diodes
  • Vacuum triodes
  • Vacuum tetrodes
  • Vacuum pentodes

Each vacuum tube option has different hardware that can impact how electricity and sounds are produced. Mullard vacuum tubes include these vacuum elements for traditional and advanced hardware. Examples include the Mullard ECC33 valve and the Mullard ECC81 vintage valves.

What are the design specs for a general vacuum tube?

Because different accessories are developed for specific electronic devices, the packaging on the typical Mullard tubes will vary. The most common tube packages are glass, metal, silica, and ceramic. Within a vacuum tube, there are many pins that run around the base. These pins are important because they plug in a socket. If an item is designed with components that produce increased power, the housing will include enhanced heat transfer elements such as anode components.

Many products are designed in short and long varieties. Units with a long housing can be used with an amplifier, and short pieces are suitable accessories for guitars. All products are around eight ounces, and the housing on most units has a clear design that highlights the main electrical hardware. This hardware will vary depending on a product's purpose; however, many pieces will contain grid windings that produce sounds that can enhance musical instruments or a stereo system. Some vacuum tubes also have hardware that can help a variety of Hiwatt, British, and Marshall amps distribute sound from a guitar. The entire design scheme for various vacuum tubes will have 1960's elements. Most units have classic elements because vacuum tubes are retro products.

What are the usage perks?

When a vacuum accessory is used with televisions, radios, and other consumer electronic devices, they perform well without experiencing major heating problems. This is possible because the hardware that's used to make a typical product is engineered with shielded materials. These materials can handle the highest temperatures, and damage won't occur throughout the process.

Another benefit is that vintage vacuum tubes can produce enhanced sounds. General sound frequencies are enhanced when these accessories are used because the electrical hardware generates an effect that upgrades the sound quality.

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