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How to Shop for Motorola Digital Cable Boxes

While your cable company most likely offers its own cable box as part of a digital package, situations may arise where you may want to use your own. When it comes to the latest in technology, Motorola is always on the cutting edge, offering cable boxes that work well in a number of different situations. Choose from several model types for your digital television viewing so you can enjoy everything you want to see in the comfort of your own home. 

What Is a Digital Cable Box Used For?

Essentially, a digital cable box is used for harnessing a signal from the television, cable or satellite provider to your television. On an older style of television:

  • The signal is converted to a VHF channel 3 or channel 4 to the box

While a newer television:

  • The signal is converted via HDMI or some other output to the box

Many users often ask if they still need a box with digital for a smart TV. This completely depends on your viewing preferences. If you're happy with shows on streaming sites such as:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Vudu

Then a cable box is not necessarily needed. If you want to watch shows from regular channels or cable channels, you will need a DTA box in order to receive the signal to your TV, even if it is a smart TV. A smart TV is not associated with what type of cable programming you watch; it simply offers access to hte internet. 

What Are Specific Motorola Features?

Keeping up with the times, Motorola offers specific features with their cable boxes, offering extras such as:

  • DVR capability: Record shows by setting a timer, and watch shows later when you want to watch them, for a convenient type of cable viewing
  • Remote: Included remote makes programming and operation more seamless
  • Comes with a pre-installed M-Card (multi cable card)
  • Offers all types of viewing, from clear HD to ED (enhanced definition) and SD (standard definition)
  • HDMI ports and HDMI cable included
  • S-Video outputs
  • Hard drive with a large storage capacity to store DVR movies and shows

Is a Digital Box Compatible with Other Devices?

If you have heard about subscriptions whereby you use "sticks" in order to view cable channels, you may be wondering if they are compatible with your cable box. A stick:

  • Is a separate service from your cable box
  • Is typically used to enhance smart TV features
  • Can act as a digital subscription service 

In many ways, a stick may take the place of a cable box, although you can technically use a stick with your box to get even more channels for your home.

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