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Download Video Games to Your Console

Without leaving your home, you can enter a redeem code on your Xbox Live online account and download a favorite title. Within minutes, you're engaged in combat in Middle-Earth or driving on Forza Motorsport racetracks in a simulated muscle car. While having fun, you're also building an inventory of Microsoft Xbox digital games you can access whenever the urge strikes.

What Is a Download Code?

Instead of receiving a physical disc in the mail, you can buy a prepaid download code for select titles. Since your gaming equipment is integrated with the Microsoft Store, you can use the console's navigation menu or log into your Xbox Live account. Once you enter a 25-character game code, the video game starts downloading immediately. At any time, it's possible to download add-ons for games you already own.

Should You Purchase Physical Discs or Prepaid Digital Copies?

As a collector, you may own hundreds of physical discs. Reviewing your titles may remind you of personal gaming conquests you encountered. You may even want to trade a disc with another collector. Likewise, you can also expand your collection digitally. Even when physical games are stored on the Xbox's hard drive, you must insert a disc for the game to play. With digital content, you don't have to shuffle through boxes of discs. Plus, when you own Xbox Play Anywhere titles, you can play games on your console as well as a personal computer loaded with Windows 10. You may find it advantageous to keep an inventory of both physical and digital games.

When it comes to price, new games on Xbox One for sale typically range from $20 to $60, depending on factors such as popularity, demand, and whether the game includes additional content or special editions. Used Xbox 1 games may be priced lower, offering even greater savings for budget-conscious gamers.

What Types of Xbox Games Can You Purchase?
  • Adventure: An example of an Xbox One adventure title includes Assassin's Creed which helps you brush up on your combat skills. You can live the life of a pirate or a London gang member. Also, Toy Soldiers, available in single and multiplayer versions, allows you to choose a favorite hero and engage enemies on a battlefield.
  • Role Playing: In Fable III, you're in control of your destiny as you make choices for good or evil. You can reach out to loved ones or take revenge against enemies. Because you have instant access to the game, you can role-play situations you might never encounter in real life.
  • Sports: If you can't get enough of watching football and basketball games on TV, NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation game where you can play as Michael Jordan or become a team player with the Philadelphia 76ers or Toronto Raptors.

Whether you're looking for new releases or classic titles, eBay offers a vast selection of games to choose from. From action-packed shooters to immersive role-playing adventures, there's something for every type of gamer. Plus, with regular sales and promotions, you can often find great deals on new Xbox games, allowing you to expand your library without breaking the bank.

For those on a budget, used Xbox One games are also available through various online retailers and marketplaces. Whether you're looking to save money on popular titles or explore lesser-known gems, buying used Xbox One games can be a cost-effective way to build your gaming collection.