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Everything You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your Microsoft Office CD

Whether you need the Microsoft Office 2010 CD or the Microsoft Office 2013 CD, eBay has got you covered. Browse through a wide range of Microsoft Office CDs to find the package that suits your needs. Students, professionals, and families can keep organized records of electronic documents with a simple download of a Microsoft Office disc.

What is the difference between Office 2013 and Office 2010?

The Microsoft Office 2010 disc carries many of the same programs as the Microsoft Office 2013 disc. On the Microsoft Office 2013 disc, however, you will find more features on some of those programs like Microsoft Project. The Microsoft Office 2010 CD is compatible with older Windows programs like Vista and XP. The Microsoft Office 2013 CD will generally work for just one single computer, while the 2010 version can usually be used on three computers.

Does the Microsoft Office 2016 CD run on Windows XP?

The Microsoft Office 2016 CD, as well as other Microsoft Office CD versions after the Microsoft Office 2010 CD, will likely give an error message while attempting to install on Windows XP. The Microsoft Office CD version compatible with Windows XP is the Microsoft Office 2010 CD. The Microsoft Office 2016 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Keep in mind that the Windows XP and Vista can be easily upgraded with Microsoft.

What programs are included on the Microsoft Office 2013 disc?

The Microsoft Office 2013 disc carries the general Microsoft Office programs that are on the other versions. Some of the following software may be included:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint - A program designed for making presentation slides
  • Microsoft Access - A program designed for professionals to manage large informational databases
  • Microsoft Outlook - Microsoft's email system
  • Microsoft Word - A words processing program used for students and professionals to type up papers
  • Micosoft Excel - A simple version of the Access program for less complex databases
Why are there different prices for MS Office 2010 CD?

The MS Office 2010 CD comes in different editions. Some editions are geared towards students and families, while others are designed specifically for professionals. The different editions have different prices. The Microsoft Office CD prices depend on other factors as well, for instance, if the CD is used or new. While choosing your new Office CD, make sure the edition suits your electronic needs.

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