How to Select Mesh Pool Covers

Spending a day lounging in the pool sounds wonderful after the weather warms up; however, as you walk to the sparkling water with your towel and sunscreen in hand, you notice dead bugs and leaves floating on the surface. A mesh pool cover can keep your pool protected from this type of debris when youre not using it, meaning that it will be clean and free of waste when youre ready to dive in.

What Do Pool Covers Do?

Mesh covers have many functions, making them a necessary accessory for pool owners.

  • A mesh cover keeps solid waste out of your pool. This includes everything from leaves to insects and other animals to litter and trash that may get blown into your yard. Using a cover reduces the time and energy you have to expend frequently cleaning your pool, lessening pool maintenance.
  • A mesh swimming pool cover also serves as a safety cover, so when little ones or pets are around the pool, theres no danger of them falling into the water. A safety pool cover gives you and your family peace of mind year-round or during the off-season.
  • A mesh cover helps to keep the elements at bay, keeping your pool safe from snow, rain, hail, and other types of inclement weather that could damage your pool or get it dirty.

What Are Some Types of Pool Covers?

Selecting a pool cover means you need to choose the right type of cover for your specific pool to maximize the benefits of what the mesh cover can do.

  • There are covers meant specifically for above-ground designs, and the difference is in how the covers are secured. An above-ground cover fits around the top of your pool with fastening loops and a wire cable, with a metal winch securing the cover to the pool so it stays in place.
  • In-ground pool covers are different, as these flat covers use an anchor to secure the cover to a pool thats installed in a wooden pool deck. 
  • You can also find thick and thin safety covers. If you just need a swimming pool cover to catch leaves and debris, a thin cover is all you need, which is similar to a tarp. For a safety pool cover, you may want a double-layer cover thats a bit thicker to provide a more secure fit and added protection.

How Do You Buy the Right Cover?

You should make a few decisions before you purchase your mesh cover.

  • Determine the size and shape of your pool. There are circular and rectangular designs in varied sizes meant to fit 10-foot, 12-foot, or even 24-foot options. Knowing the exact size of yours means that you get a safety pool cover that fits properly.
  • Choose a brand. If the brand of the cover matters to you, you have several options, including Intex, Loop-Loc, and Yard Guard. These may vary in their features as well as in their size and shape.