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Maytag Washer and Dryer Parts and Accessories

Founded in 1893, The Maytag Corporation manufactures a number of different models of washers and dryers for use in the home. Since 2006, the Maytag brand has been owned by Whirlpool. To complement its laundry machines, Maytag manufactures individual parts and accessories for washers and dryers.

What types of washer and dryer parts are available?

Many different types of parts and accessories are available to help a person complete a repair in a reasonable amount of time. Among the different types are main control boards, motors, belts, water pumps, doors, pulleys, heating equipment, filters, valves, time pumps, sensors, and lid switches. It is important to make sure the particular Maytag part is compatible with your washer or dryer.

Do you need fuses made for a specific appliance?

Ideally, fuses or other components that are used to operate Maytag products are the ones that they are specifically designed for. For instance, those who own a Crosley Magic Chef dryer should use the fuses that are made for that model. Using only appropriate fuses and other electrical parts can significantly reduce the risk of sparks or short circuits.

What does a washing machine drain pump do?

A drain pump helps the washing machine circulate water during the wash cycle. It is responsible for keeping clothes from coming out of the washing machine too wet. It also prevents water from pooling or standing in the machine after a wash cycle has been completed. This part is available for the Magic Chef as well as other washing machines produced by Maytag.

What is the range of temperatures for drying clothes?

The temperature of your dryer should be at about 125 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit when it is set to a low or delicate cycle, and 135 degrees to 150 degrees when on other cycles. An internal thermostat is generally included in Maytag dryer models, and replacements may be purchased if necessary.

Do dryer lint filters need to be changed?

Lint filters for dryers may be among the most important Maytag appliance parts. These are the parts that keep lint, dust, and other debris from making its way to the blower motor or other critical parts. You should clean your lint filter after each use, and replace it when the nylon material starts to wear away. Failure to regularly clean the lint filter can result in permanent damage to the dryer.

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