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Martin Guitar Parts and Accessories

A wide range of parts and accessories for Martin guitars are offered to repair and complement your instrument. Guitar hardware is available to replace important components such as tuning machines, frets, and bridges. You will also find straps, cases, wall mounts, clothing, and picks included in the selection of Martin guitar accessories.

What is the difference between Martin guitar parts and accessories?
  • Guitar parts: These are items that replace important pieces of your Martin instrument. Some Martin components are made in the same facilities as the originals and can include pick guards, bridges, and truss rods. Most require a simple installation.
  • Guitar accessories: These are items that are used to expand the function of an instrument or show ownership of a Martin guitar. You can find wall mounts for displaying your guitars, clip-on tuners for precise intonation, and even Martin hats to wear at your next performance.
What types of Martin guitar parts are there?

These items represent replacement hardware for Martin guitars.

  • Truss rod: This item is a metal rod which runs from the guitar's body along the length of its neck. Truss rods are used to maintain straightness and prevent warping of your Martin. They can be adjusted with a standard hexagonal wrench.
  • Fret: Frets are the metal or hard plastic dividers which are found along the length of the guitar's fretboard. These parts can wear naturally over time and prevent the proper execution of chord shapes. Frets may need to be installed by those who have experience with Martin instrument repair.
  • Pick guard: These plastic attachments are placed directly below the soundhole of a guitar. They are designed to prevent pick scratches on an instrument's finish. Many colors and styles are available, but the traditional Martin color is dark brown.
  • Tuners: These are pegs and machines which hold strings in place and permit the strings to be tightened or loosened. Some tuners are made of plastic, but ones made for Martin instruments are more often constructed of ivory or brass.
What types of Martin guitar accessories are available?

These are some of the accessories available for you.

  • Clothing: The Martin logo can be found on T-shirts, hats, and other clothing items. These accessories are often made from cotton but can be made from other materials.
  • Wall mounts: This accessory is used to display a Martin instrument in a home or studio. Wall mounts are made of metal and attach to the wall with screws and anchors. They hold a guitar firmly in place with a hanger that is cushioned to provide protection against scratches.
  • Capo: Available in several varieties, capos allow guitarists to temporarily shorten the playing surface of the guitar fretboard by applying pressure to the strings. They are made of metal and come in several varieties. Popular models use a spring mechanism for easy attachment.
  • Picks: These are used by players to strum the guitar strings. They are most often made of celluloid, and it is possible to find them in many colors and styles.
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