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What is a CD Recorder?

A CD recorder is a machine that allows you to record data or music onto a compact disc. While CD recorders are getting harder to come by in this age of technology, they are still in use, and you can find a selection from Marantz to choose from.

Do I Need a Special Kind of Disc to Record Audio?

There are a few different kinds of discs, so it's important to know the difference between them. There are two kinds of discs that you can record onto, and one that can't.

  • CD-R: This stands for CD recordable. You can only record onto CD-R discs one time and are good for data that you want to keep and know you will not need to record onto the CD again. When you get these new, usually in large packs, they are blank, and you can write on the front of them.
  • CD-RW: This stands for CD rewritable. Instead of only being able to record once, you can record over the data on these discs again and again. This are very handy for when you know you will not want to necessarily keep all that you record. These are blank when you first obtain them, and you can write text on the front.
  • Non-recordable: Non-recordable discs are exactly as it states, and you cannot record over them. This type of disc is for audio CDs that you buy. These come from copies of original recordings and a laser burns the data on.

What are Some Models of Marantz CD Recorders?

Many models are no longer in production, but some of the models you can find include:

  • CDR633: This is a single well CD recorder and is good for anyone who wants the highest quality audio recording output. This is a professional recorder and can record on standard CD-R and CD-RW discs. It features minute tracking with adjustable time, and level-dependent auto track increment. There is an auto-cue feature for playback and has auto fade-in and out plus sync recording. As well as recording, this machine can also play MP3 files from single discs for hours and hours of playback. This model is still in wide distribution
  • CDR510: A now discontinued model, the CDR510 is a rack mount CD player and recorder that works on 100 to 240VAC 50/60 Hz.
  • DR6000: Another discontinued model, the DR6000 plays all types of optical CDs as well as recording on to CD-R and CD-RW. It has customized components that minimize noise and distortion, and the sample rate converter gives enhanced recording quality.

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