MTX Auto Subwoofers


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Cheers to That Loud Boom of MTX Car Subwoofers

The right mix of sound may need a deep bass to it when your sound system plays your favorite music. The motions of MTX diaphragms sustain low frequencies and smooth sounds upon impact. As it happens, it's a detailed package with direct connections for the system youu001are using, and its availability is now on eBay.

Can an MTX car subwoofer play more than bass?

Subwoofers are for low frequencies, but they can function well when playing higher pitches also. However, thereu001as one big difference that the subwoofer makes. These subwoofers play frequencies as low as 20 Hz while speakers can only sustain low frequencies like this when paired with woofers. The advantage of a single unit, being dedicated to bass frequencies only, allows you to power-up sound because it goes to one location. Instead of your entire system working to output the frequencies of bass, a single unit handles the job with enough power and a diverse number of settings. Thick texture, distance sound, and a sensation to feel are qualities to look for when measuring bass performance. Subwoofers are functional for a spectrum of tones but are optimized to get your low frequencies out with force.

How do you get the right power for low frequencies?

If youu001are trying to reach low frequencies within your output, consider one to balance out your sound and add power for lower tones. Only when you calibrate your voice coils and magnet, the right power generates. The connection you find within MTX car subwoofers help sustain a u001athicknessu001a below 200 Hz for the right ceiling to contain texture within. That power is then efficiently sent through the diaphragm, which must be large enough to raise the volume of soundu001as lowest frequencies. Here are some quality control features involved:

  • Immediate response: The magnetic quality of MTX car subwoofers replicates your signal so well that nothing differs once sound comes from the cone.
  • Direct connections: Youu001are flexible in the ways to use this MTX car subwoofer. Direct connections enable compatibility with mixers, bass guitars, and home stereo systems.
  • Woofer diaphragms: Consider the diaphragm of your MTX car subwoofer. Its diameter dictates how much volume you can get on your low frequencies and how little effort it involves.
How much power do MTX car subwoofers produce?

The amount of power an MTX car subwoofer produces measures as wattage. You can expect bass speakers to sustain power outputs of up to 250 watts. Amounts as little as 25 are also ideal for low frequencies, but that depends on when you use it and where. You can expect the overall loudness of a speaker to increase the more watts it has.