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What to Know About 12-inch MTX Car Subwoofers

Listening to your music while you are in the car can be a fun activity and a chance to find some tunes that you like. An MTX 12-inch car audio subwoofer like the Terminator can improve your listening experience by creating a dynamic sound.

What is a subwoofer?

These sound devices are designed to reproduce the bass and sub-bass in music at low frequencies. The typical frequencies that these components reproduce are typically in the 20-200Hz range. This can make your music have a more dynamic sound, especially if the music has a large amount of bass or sub-bass.

How does the wattage usage work with these subwoofers?

These audio components have two different power-handling specifications or watts. They are:

  • RMS: Also known as continuous power handling, RMS wattage indicates the amount of power the component can handle continuously. This wattage should match the wattage that the amplifier is capable of producing. If the amplifier has a wattage range instead of a single RMS wattage number, the minimum number should be about 75% of the subwoofer's watts while the maximum should be 150% of the component's RMS wattage.
  • Peak: This wattage number refers to the maximum power the component can handle for a brief period of time.
What wattage options are there for 12-inch subwoofers?

When installing MTX audio components into your vehicle, having a number of wattage options can be useful, especially if you are intending to add components to the set up that you already have. This is because the power amp's wattage has to be able to handle the combination of all the subwoofers' total wattage. Wattage options for 12-inch components include:

  • 400W
  • 800W
  • 1000W
  • 1200W
  • 1500W
What subwoofer options are available?

Terminator components come in a variety of different options depending on the specific parts that you need. These include:

  • Single unit: This option comes with a single 12-inch component so that you can either replace an existing component or build your own enclosure that meets your specific needs.
  • Dual units: You may find options for dual units that have the same wattage. They can be installed in an existing enclosure if you are looking to improve your sound or can be used if you are building your own custom car audio.
  • With enclosure: This option allows you to find dual units with an enclosure that is set up fully. This option may not include any of the cords that you may need to install the enclosure.
  • Full installation kit: Full kits may include a sealed box with two units and the cables and other parts that you need to install it into your vehicle. These additional components may include a voice coil, rubber surround, polypropylene cone, and 48-ounce magnet. The dual enclosure may also come with a car amplifier.
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