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Stay Connected with Webcams

When your computer isn't equipped with a webcam, you can add plug-and-play models. Logitech models allow you to use video, whether you're streaming, video-calling, or recording audio. Available in USB 3.0 and other types of connections, these laptop and desktop accessories are suitable for home and office use.

What Should I Consider Before Purchasing a Webcam?

HD webcams with a minimum video capture rate of 720p provide crisp onscreen images for video chatting or recording podcasts and webinars. A glass lens also improves video quality as compared to camera lens made from plastic. Other standard components used routinely are built-in microphones and cameras that capture images at a minimum of 2 megapixels. Likewise, you may also prefer cameras with motion sensing built in to provide an extra measure of security when you're away. Before you settle on a particular model, make sure your Windows operating system is compatible.

What Are Some Notable Models?

  • C525: The fold-and-go design fits in a pocket or purse. The device swivels 360 degrees so you can change angles when calling or recording. The built-in autofocus reduces blurriness so images are clearer. Likewise, the camera self-adjusts in low-light situations and takes high-resolution, 8 megapixel shots.
  • C615: Full HD 1080p resolution is supported by Fluid Crystal Technology. Pictures are sharper, sounds are easily understood, and colors look richer. You can attach a tripod to increase your video options. Likewise, the HD upload feature enables you to share pictures on social media sites.
  • C920: The webcam uses compression technology called H.264 so video uploads to your computer are smoother and faster. C920 has a stereo audio feature that includes speakers on both sides of the unit along with glass camera lens.

How Do I Install a Logitech Webcam?

The USB webcam should include a CD-ROM or disc to walk you through the installation steps. It's also possible to download the software and drivers from the manufacturer's website. Once you position the webcam on your computer using the provided mount, install the software, and connect your computer and webcam using the USB cable. During the installation process, the install wizard will ask you to check which model and Window OS you are using. Once you save the software files to your computer, you can open the navigation menu. Make selections to capture and view pictures and videos, choose video and app buttons, and change settings.

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