Las plantas Cryptocoryne vivos para acuarios

Live Aquarium Cryptocoryne Plants

Cryptocoryne plants (also known simply as "crypts") are aquatic plants found in rivers and streams throughout Southeast Asia. Many aquarium hobbyists use these live plants to enhance their aquarium environments. Here's some information on live crypts and important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right ones.

What are some considerations for selecting Cryptocorynes?

There are 64 types of Cryptocorynes. Here are some practical and aesthetic considerations for choosing a specific kind of crypt for your tank:

  • Size: it should be able to fit in the aquarium comfortably with space for the fish to move around it.
  • Color: the hobbyist should consider how the color fits with the coloring of other plants and the fish.
  • Water: choose the crypt that will thrive in the water in your tank, whether it is soft or hard and what the pH level is.
  • Temperature: the crypt you choose should be able to thrive in the water temperature that you provide for your fish.
  • Light: the crypt's need for light to grow should be compatible with its placement within and the physical location of the tank.
How difficult is it to grow crypts?

As with the fish in your aquarium, crypts require care in order to thrive. The difficulty of growing a crypt varies with the species. Some are tolerant of wide changes in temperature, water hardness and pH level, such as the Microsorium Pteropus or Wendtii Green, which are considered beginner live plants. Crypt species like the Retrospiralis, though, require an intermediate level of care. Sellers will specify the difficulty level for their species of crypt in the product description.

What about placement of live plants in an aquarium?

Your aquarium will look more natural if your crypts appear throughout the tank. Product descriptions will state the lighting requirements for a given crypt, indicating whether it should be placed nearer or further away from the light source. Larger species should be placed behind smaller ones so that they do not obscure the smaller ones from view.

What colors are available for Cryptocoryne plants?

The color will depend on the exact species of plant, but you may be able to find Cryptocoryne plants in colors that include green, brown, and red. Lighter and darker shades of green are also available for additional variety. For a particularly vibrant presentation, you may want to include a multitude of different-colored plants in your home aquarium.