Medias de látex y Medias hasta el muslo para mujeres

Latex Stockings and Thigh-High Socks for Women

Latex offers a skin-tight look, so women's stockings made from latex accent the contours of the legs. These high stockings stretch up the leg to a mid-thigh height, and they can be held up with garters, sticky backings, or tight hems.

How do you care for latex stockings?

After wearing your stockings, remove them and wash them with warm water and a small amount of mild soap. This will remove any body oils. Gently wipe excess water off of the stockings and let them air dry. Be sure to turn the stockings inside out to let them dry on both sides. Dust the stockings with talc to prevent sticking, and store in a cool, dark place.

How do you find your size for latex thigh-highs?

Because latex stockings are so fitted, you need to make sure you select the proper size.

  • Measure your legs: It is helpful to know the length of your feet, the length of your legs, and the circumference of your thigh. Measure around the middle of your thigh.
  • Read the size of your desired stockings: Check the size chart or measurements for the socks you are considering to see how long and wide the socks are.
What styles are latex socks made in?

Most women's thigh-high stockings are fitted to the leg and come to a height somewhere between the knee and the upper thigh. The main difference between various women's styles is how the socks fit along the feet.

  • Open-toed: These thigh-high stockings stop at the ankle, leaving the foot bare.
  • Closed-toed: This is the traditional thigh high shape, which covers the foot and toes in a single piece of fabric.
  • Toe socks: This type of latex thigh-high has five individual tips at the end of the sock to go between the toes.
  • Stirrup: These latex stockings have a strip that goes underneath the arch of the foot, but both the toe and the heel are bare.
What is the difference between shiny and matte latex?

Though shiny and matte latex look very different, they are actually the same material. The main difference is that shiny items have a polished surface that looks almost wet while matte items have a softer, flatter look. To make matte stockings look shiny, you can coat them with a silicone lubricant. Lubricants come in both a spray-on and a spread-on finish.