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Enjoy the Flexibility of an Unlocked LG Cell Phone

LG makes several useful cell phones and smartphones that work across various networks. You can find a huge selection of LGs unlocked phones on eBay. Unlocked LG phones do not have a preset network provider and come with many features and extras you might find useful.

What are some main features of an unlocked LG smartphone?

The specific features you get with your unlocked LG cell phone will vary depending on the model you choose. However, many of LGs unlocked phones include a basic set of features that you might find beneficial. If you have some particular features in mind, you can choose the ones you want from eBays list of categories. eBay can show you the LG phones that include the features you need. Some common options you will come across are listed here:

  • Keyboard - Many smartphones have a keypad, but some of LGs unlocked models feature a full QWERTY keyboard for your convenience.
  • Speech recognition - You can use this feature as an added security measure to unlock the home screen on your LG phone or as a way to dial your contacts hands-free.
  • Players - Several phones include apps that you can use to play your favorite music or videos.
Do these unlocked phones include cameras?

Most of LGs unlocked cell phones include support and hardware for at least one camera. Some models may include more than one camera. The resolution of a camera is measured in megapixels. You can use eBay to look at unlocked smartphones that have the minimum camera resolutions you need, or you can choose from the list of features to see all the models that include multiple cameras. Some LG phones have dual rear cameras and a single front-facing camera.

Which connectivity options can you choose from?

The connectivity on your LG unlocked phone refers to how it can connect to a data network and the way it can interface with other devices. There are several connectivity options you can choose from, and you can narrow your search for the ones you want using eBays helpful categories. Some connection types you will find here are:

  • NFC - An LG phone with near-field communication can send and receive data from other devices just by being in proximity to them. You can also charge your phone using this method.
  • USB - Many of LGs unlocked phone inputs use micro-USB ports. These ports allow them to connect to their wall chargers or talk to other devices.
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