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Kuryakyn Motorcycle Lighting and Indicators

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Lighting and Indicators

Kuryakyn offers a wide variety of accessories for motorcycles. The lighting and indicator accessories offered include headlights, driving lights, turn signals, taillights, controllers, accent lighting, bulbs, bezels, and lenses. Kuryakyn motorcycle lighting and indicators are customizable and have different mounts so they may be used on many types of bikes.

What motorcycle lighting solutions does Kuryakyn offer?

Kuryakyn makes many different lighting products and accessories, including:

  • Headlights: Some of the brands headlights are equipped with Bluetooth technology and can be customized and controlled using an app. The headlights have LED lamps with white or multicolor outer halos. The lights are encased in an aluminum housing and covered by polycarbonate lenses. The headlight has a standard H4 and three-blade connector. A range of sizes are available depending on what your motorcycle requires.
  • Taillights: Many of these Kuryakyn systems use LED technology, which minimizes the effect of road vibrations on light stability. These systems frequently come with integrated turn signals, which flash in amber hues. The brand also makes LED taillight conversion kits, which can be used with many stock motorcycle lenses. These conversion kits allow for run and brake multifunction use.
  • Controllers: Kuryakyns controllers are a way to turn single circuit turn signals into much more. Using plug-in designs, these controllers can transform the turn signals on bikes into brake lights and running lights. They also have pulsing features.
  • Load adapters: Load adapters are independently fused relay circuits that separate them from existing circuits. These allow riders to power up their lighting apparatus quickly and efficiently.
  • Accent lighting: The brand also makes a variety of accent lights, which allow riders to transform their bikes into shimmering, visible vehicles. Front wheel LEDs are mounted on hubs and brake rotors. LED vent accents are mounted on the front fairing. Riders can also select spoiler end trims, strip lights, lighted saddlebag moldings, lighted trunk lid handles, and rear fender lights. Many of these lights can be controlled via Bluetooth technology.
What other Kuryakyn motorcycle parts are used for motorcycle lighting?

The brand makes a variety of parts and accessories to accompany their motorcycle lights. They include:

  • Bezels: Deep dish and mesh bezels are available to cover taillights and turn signal lenses. They are made out of aluminum and stainless-steel material. Kuryakyn offers a choice of chrome or satin black finishes. Deep dish bezels come with red, amber, or smoke colored lenses.
  • LED bulbs: Whether riders want to replace simple incandescent bulbs or need a replacement for their Kuryakyn lighting system, the brand offers a wide array of bright LED bulb options. They come in a variety of shades, including white, amber, and red.
  • Lenses: The brand offers replacement flat turn signal lenses. They come in smoke and red colored versions.
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