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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Having the right kitchen cabinets is essential to running a well-managed household. Kitchen cabinets can be both beautiful and functional.

What factors should you consider when buying kitchen cabinets?
  • Frame: Standard kitchen cabinets are made out of a box and face frame. Cabinet doors and drawers are then attached to the face frame. This offers the advantage of increased durability compared to frameless kitchen cabinets. Frameless cabinets offer a more contemporary aesthetic. Frameless cabinets can be made more durable by using thicker wood in the construction of their box.
  • Material: Kitchen cabinets are available in metal, particle board, plywood, and solid wood. Metal cabinets are extremely durable. Particle board and plywood cabinetry has great style and is relatively lightweight. Real wood cabinets combine beautiful design with excellent durability.
  • Design: Kitchen cabinets are often sold as part of a collection. Collections have unique names and specific design elements that are coordinated together to offer you a seamless look. It is a good idea to have all of your kitchen cabinets be from the same collection so that your kitchen will have a consistent aesthetic.
What special features are available in kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets can include special features that can make life easier, including special drawers and pull-out utilities.

  • Lift cabinets with spring-loaded shelves: This feature will enable you to easily access whatever you store in your kitchen cabinets, like food processors, toaster ovens, and crock pots.
  • Soft-close glides: Soft-close glides prevent drawers from slamming closed. This is especially useful for households with young children.
  • Corner drawers: Corner drawers in kitchen cabinets are designed to make use of space in the corner of your kitchen that would usually be wasted due to being inaccessible.
  • Spice cabinets: These kitchen cabinets are specialized to store spice containers in one convenient location. Spice cabinets are usually located close to the stove.
  • Paper towel drawers: Paper towel drawers include a built-in paper towel holder and space for holding extra rolls of paper towels. This design offers easy access to paper towels without consuming unnecessary space on your kitchen countertops.
  • Pot and lid drawers: These drawers offer convenient storage of your pots and lids so that you can stay organized. They are often positioned adjacent to your stove.
  • Convenience features: Pullout trash cans and built-in charging stations provide a great deal of convenience.
Do kitchen cabinets require assembly?

You can choose between fully-assembled kitchen cabinets or ready-to-assemble cabinets. Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are assembled by following directions from an instruction guide.