Cerradura de Combinación de computadora Kensington

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Keep Your Computer Protected With a Kensington Combination Lock

Working at a coffee shop or library can be a nice change of pace from your usual routine, but when you're at a public place it's important to keep your valuables secure. You can be more sure that your computer will stay in one place if you attach a lock to it.

How do combination locks work?

A combination lock is one that has a series of numbers that must be matched for the computer to unlock. These types of locks use a wheel pack, which is a set of wheels that work together to close and hold the lock. They use a series of numbered wheels that, when rolled into the correct sequence, will unlock the lock, and when rolled into any other sequence, will lock the lock.

How do you secure a lock to a computer?

Many computers and laptops come with a small hole in which you can attach the end of a combination lock. This hole can usually be found on the side or back of the computer. It is sometimes labelled a Kensington Security Slot, or a K-Slot. The hole is reinforced with metal, and it may be marked with a padlock symbol. Inside the hole is a metal anchor, which you can attach the lock to. The lock will be connected to a heavy-duty cable. At the end of that cable there is be a small loop, which lets users loop the cable around a table leg or another piece of furniture. The lock can either be secured with a key or with a combination.

What are different types of laptop locks?

Laptop locks have locking mechanisms that include:

  • Pre-set combinations
  • Personalized and resettable combinations
  • Combinations with master-keyed access
  • Combinations with administrator access
What are some features that these devices have?

Notebook and laptop computer locks are intended to be durable and hard to penetrate. Their features may include:

  • Carbon-steel cable - Carbon-steel material is resistant to cutting. It may be made extra thick to provide higher resistance to regular cutting tools.
  • \"Register and Retrieve\" programs - Some locks come with programs that allow you to look up laptop lock codes that may have been forgotten.
  • One-handed use - It can be convenient to only have to use one hand to lock or unlock your laptop. There are devices that come with push-button design for quick release.
  • Longer cable length - With a cable length of five feet or more, you have flexibility when it comes to computer placement in relation to a fixed structure that you can loop your laptop lock around.