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Jeep Grand Cherokee Intake Manifold

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a high-performance SUV known for its handling, horsepower, and off-road capabilities. To keep the Jeep Grand Cherokee running right, the air intake system has to function properly. If the intake manifold is malfunctioning, the Jeeps overall performance will be compromised.

What is the function of the intake manifold?

The intake manifold is a key component of the air intake system; its responsible for distributing air to the appropriate engine cylinders. This part is essentially a series of tubes, which transport the air to its designated destination. It also ensures that theres enough air available to maintain the correct fuel/air ratio.

Assisting the manifold are a series of valves, which open and close to allow the air to flow out of the tubes. These motions need to be correctly timed to ensure that each cylinder gets the same amount of air. If this part starts to malfunction, the Jeeps air/fuel ratio will be off, and the combustion process will be affected.

What happens to the engine when the intake manifold leaks?

If this air intake part starts to leak, air doesnt leak out of its housing. Because of the low air pressure inside this part, it actually sucks air in via the leak. This will add too much air to the air/fuel ratio, which affects the efficiency of combustion. This forces the engine to work harder to maintain normal performance. Over time, this can damage other mechanical components of a Jeep.

What are signs of a malfunctioning manifold?

When this part starts to leak, Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers may experience the following:

  • Slow pickup: When these important intake parts start to leak, Grand Cherokee drivers may notice sluggish acceleration.
  • Whistling noise: When Jeep drivers suspect a malfunction, they should listen to their engine when its idling. If they notice a whistling or hissing noise, its a sign of a compromised manifold.
  • Stalling: When these air intake parts are damaged, it may cause stalling. This is especially common when the Grand Cherokee is moving at low speeds.
  • Car keeps running: After a Jeep Cherokee driver turns off the ignition, they expect to hear the mechanical components come to an immediate stop. Running that persists after the vehicle is turned off is yet another sign.
How should Jeep Cherokee drivers select replacement parts?

When searching for a new replacement part for the intake system, Cherokee drivers can choose between Jeep-manufactured products and aftermarket products.