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Instrument Clusters for Buick Century

When driving your Buick Century, nearly all the information required for its safe operation is available on the instrument cluster. It contains a lot of essential information, from your speed and fuel level to warnings about vehicle systems that may be malfunctioning. It is possible to find a replacement part for a non-operational instrument cluster.

What is causing your Centurys instrument cluster to malfunction?

If youre driving and all the gauges and lights on your instrument cluster stop working, its most likely due to a fuse or wiring problem. Start by locating the fuses associated with the cluster and replacing them. If that doesnt work, you might have to repair or replace the wiring that powers the display.

On the other hand, if you just lose a warning light or two, it may simply be because a bulb has burned out. You can pull the cluster out and replace these bulbs individually to restore proper performance. Finally, if only one gauge stops working, but the other gauges continue to operate, it is likely a problem with the gauge and may necessitate an instrument cluster replacement.

Can you retain your mileage from your previous odometer?

If you purchase a used cluster, the mileage of the previous vehicle will be what shows as the mileage for your car once you install it. In some cases, you can re-program the odometer. But in most cases, you will have to note the mileage discrepancy and keep it stored safely. That way, if you ever sell your car, you will have the required documentation needed to make the discrepancy affidavit legal and legitimate.

Are there any aftermarket instrument clusters?

For the Buick Century, there arent any aftermarket models available. Replacements you buy, instead of being aftermarket, will be those that have been removed from a donor vehicle, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. It is important to choose your new model carefully given the complex nature of the instrument cluster. You want to ensure you buy an instrument cluster that matches the year of your Century so that it fits in the space provided.

How do you ensure that a newly installed cluster works?

After you have the new model installed, its important to test every last light and gauge on the display to ensure they all work correctly. When you perform the tests on the gauges and lights in your system, be sure to do them in real-world situations rather than relying on the system test performed when you first turn on your car. For example, unbuckle a seat belt to illuminate the seat belt warning, and run down the fuel to illuminate the fuel warning. Once you have verified the proper operation of your new cluster, you can safely hit the road again.