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Inglesina Strollers and Accessories

Inglesina has been renowned since 1963 for its durable, high-quality strollers that emphasize child safety and comfort along with other features parents love. Its use of fine materials helps promote the products' reliability and quality. Shoppers who love the functionality of Inglesina products have two main lines to choose from: full-size strollers and lightweight strollers.

What types of full-size strollers does Inglesina offer?

Full-size Inglesina stroller offerings include the Quad Stroller and Trilogy City Stroller. The Trilogy City is a version of the brand's classic Trilogy model, with a narrow frame for navigating city streets and crowded stores with ease. It provides a comfortable, safe seat for your child. It features Inglesina's folding technology so that parents can open and close it with one hand. A reversible seat allows children to face either their caregivers or their surroundings.

The Quad is an all-terrain stroller made in Italy that can accommodate infants, babies, and children who weigh up to 55 pounds. This sleek stroller is available in five fashion colors, and it combines style with a lightweight, durable frame for smooth strolling.

What types of lightweight strollers does Inglesina make?

Those who prefer a stroller that is easy to load and unload have two Inglesina options to consider. The Zippy Light weighs 15 pounds and is designed to be used with just one hand, leaving the other hand free for holding your favorite latte. Even though it's designed to be compact, the Zippy Light has an accommodating seat, a fully reclining backrest, an expandable sun-protection hood, and all-terrain wheels.

The Net is among the brand's lighter strollers, weighing in at an easy-to-handle 11 pounds while accommodating children who weigh up to 55 pounds. It has a mesh seat cover that's designed to promote air circulation in the hot summer months. It also has a sun canopy and a comfortable seat with a two-position, adjustable recline.

Does Inglesina offer prams?

Yes, the company does offer prams. The Inglesina pram is a classic stroller that's modeled after the type used by 19th-century British aristocrats. Suited for children from birth up to 36 months, this heirloom-quality stroller is handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans.

What are the available Inglesina accessory lines?

You can accessorize your Inglesina stroller with an extensive selection of fun, useful items. Some of the accessory choices include feeding trays, car seat adapters, carry bags, seat covers, parasols, bassinets, diaper bags, rain covers, and mosquito nets. With these Inglesina accessory options, your baby will enjoy great comfort on your family's travels.

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