Taladros de ángulo recto industriales

Industrial Right Angle Drills

Right angle drills come in a variety of sizes and styles from manufacturers, such as DEWALT, Bosch, and Milwaukee. While they perform similarly to standard drills, right angle drills have specialized functions that may offer advantages for home remodeling or construction projects.

What is a right angle drill?

While a right angle drill may sound self-explanatory, there are several differences in form that separate it from a more traditional drill or impact hammer. A standard drill or impact device has a relatively short handle with a large, long rotating chuck and bit. In contrast, a right angle drill has a long handle but a short chuck that sits at a 90-degree angle to the handle. Oftentimes, these drills do not look like normal drills at all, but they do perform the same function in a different way that provides some added benefits. Some styles are cordless or come as kits that can accept various attachments, thus increasing their versatility.

What are the advantages of a right angle drill?

It's helpful to know the primary strengths of right angle tools in case you may need one. Before using the drill for any construction or home remodeling job, consider the following five points:

  1. Access to tight spaces is one of the top advantages of using a right angle tool. Whether you're involved in plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work, you will invariably be faced with trying to install pipes, wiring, or other parts into a tight space. When this happens, a right angle drill becomes practically the only tool around that can help you complete the job. You'll be able to install the items you need without having to hold either the drill or yourself at uncomfortable angles. A cordless device like the Makita AD02W will be even more portable.
  2. Most right angle drill kits offer several options for torque speed as well. For example, the DW124 model from DEWALT offers two different speed settings, low and full, so that you can choose the amount of torque you'll need for each job.
  3. Some of these power tools, like the DA4000LR model from Makita, are also versatile. In this case, the specialized right angle attachment can be removed, thus allowing you to use the DA4000LR as a regular drilling device. This essentially gives you two power tools in one item.
  4. Most drill bits and chucks for these tools can merge with a variety of extensions and attachments. The right bit attachment will allow you to reach even more confined spaces with relative ease.
  5. The grip on the handles of these drills offer increased comfort. In some cases, the grip and trigger can twist in relation to the chuck and bit, giving you more options for drilling in awkward positions. However, you should always try to hold this drill with both hands when in use as it spreads weight distribution more evenly in confined quarters.