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Discover the Possibilities with an Icom Receiver

Whether you are an amateur radio hobbyist or you are depending on the connectivity that a radio receiver offers, you will find just what you are looking for on sale through eBay. From stationary Icom receivers to handheld models, the functions and features will provide the listening and communication capabilities that will make a difference.

What is the difference between blocked and unblocked Icom receivers?

A blocked Icom receiver blocks out certain cellular signals so that you can listen to the receiver without interruptions. An unblocked Icom receiver provides you with the ability to listen to all frequencies and channels that may be picked up through your device.

What features does an Icom handheld receiver have?

The specific features offered through an Icom handheld receiver depend on the model you are using. Some of the features that Icom does design into these devices include:

  • Multiple scan modes - These modes give you the ability to scan a wide range of channels. The modes include memory scan, priority scan, auto memory write scan, and selected memory scan.
  • Three antenna connectors - The built-in antenna connectors include SO-239, type N, and phono for RCA compatibility.
  • Remote control function - Enjoy the convenience of remote control use when streaming through an IP network or USB cable connection.
  • SD card slot - A built-in SD card slot gives you the ability to receive log, record voice, and decode log.
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator - The RSSI gives you the ability to see with accuracy the station that you are listening to.
What should you consider when purchasing an Icom shortwave receiver?

When you are comparing Icom shortwave radios, the model that you will be the most satisfied with is the one that provides you with coverage for your listening interests. However, when comparing the different models of Icom shortwave receivers, some of the specifications and features you will want to consider include the following:

  • Modes - You will find a wide range of shortwave radios that offer only AM listening modes. However, when you do locate Icom shortwave radios that are equipped to receive, SSB opens up your listening capabilities to include a broader range of broadcasting stations.
  • Frequency coverage - When comparing different shortwave receiver options, look for models that offer the widest range of frequency coverage. The minimum frequency coverage that should be acceptable is 540 kHz to 30 MHz.
  • Frequency readout display - Using a radio receiver that is designed with a frequency readout display allows you to see which station you are tuning into. You can also locate desired channels much easier than when displays are not available.
  • Antenna - You will find that radios equipped with a built-in antenna increase the clarity of your listening experience. At the very least, the radio receiver you select should have the capability to connect external antennas for this purpose.
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