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Ibanez Guitar Parts & Accessories

Ibanez Guitar Parts and Accessories

Whether restoring a beloved heirloom bass guitar or forging your own axe, Ibanez guitar parts and accessories are worthwhile purchases if youre looking for high-quality components for your electric guitar. Easily available replacement parts include black pickguards, fingerboards, Lo-pro tremolo arms, and even full guitar bodies or necks if youre looking to build one from scratch. If youre simply in the market for new or additional guitar accessories, the brands reputation for quality amps, preamps, effects pedals, and other gear will take you to musical nirvana.

How to Search for a Part?

There are dozens of Ibanez parts that you can search for on eBay, but instead of just pulling up a search and browsing, knowing a few details can make your purchasing experience much easier.

  • Part or serial number: Because most of the guitar parts are so small, serial numbers wont really be apparent on them. Consult an owners manual to determine the serial number and simply use that number or code to pull up a search. Youre more likely to find the specific variant of the part you want.
  • Part name and description: If youre unsure of what the part is called, consult an Ibanez owners manual and look through the guitar diagrams. Going through a digital or physical copy of a manual will help familiarize you with all the tiny parts that make up an Ibanez guitar. Furthermore, Ibanez owners manuals are categorized by year so if youre looking for newer parts, read the latest manual to find the information you need.

What Are Some Essential Accessories?

  • Amp: This is an absolute must if you want to rock out. Picking an Ibanez amp like the TSA30 Tube Screamer gives you an all-rounder that you can practice with and take to gigs. It has a boost switch for increasing gain by 6db that results in thicker sound as well as a suite of gain and tone controls to get the precise sound that you want.
  • Guitar Case: Getting a quality Ibanez carry case goes a long way to preserving the condition of your guitar. Most models have a supple interior lining that cushions your instrument, preventing scratches and dings. They also have compartments for storing small essentials like picks.
  • Effect Pedals: Opt for an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer distortion or overdrive pedal for a classic stompbox that has been used for years by guitarists in places like recording studios to teenagers suburban basements. It has drive control, tone, and level adjustment knobs to get the grittiest or cleanest sound and intonation you desire from your guitar.

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