Hyundai Car and Truck Key Blanks

Whether your toddler flushes your keys down the toilet, or you simply misplace them, youll eventually need a replacement key for your Hyundai. Its a good idea to have at least one or two replacements made before you lose your keys. That way, when you do lose one, you dont have to rush around trying to get another one made.

What is a Hyundai key blank?

A key blank is simply a car key which has been stamped to match the correct cross-sectional profile for your car. This is the "S" shape you see when you look at the point at the end of a key. It has not yet been cut to the correct bitting, and it does not have the valleys and ridges you see when you look at the side of the key. However, a key blank with the correct cross-sectional profile cannot be used in just any car that matches that cross-sectional profile. This is because a key blank has to be cut specifically to match the cylinders in each individual vehicle.

What types of Hyundai key blanks are there?

There are many kinds of key blanks for your Hyundai to choose from. Choices include:

  • Traditional nickel-plated keys
  • Flip keys
  • Keyless entry remote fobs
  • Transponder chip ignition key blanks
How do you select a blank Hyundai key?

To select the correct key for your vehicle, all you need to know is its year and model. These two pieces of information ensure the key blank you select has the correct cross-sectional profile. This profile is important because it changes based on the year and model of your vehicle. For example, a 2012 Hyundai Tucson will need a different key blank than a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. For newer cars whose keys include transponder chips, be sure to select a key blank that already has a transponder chip built in. Otherwise, you will only be able to use the key in the doors and trunk.

How do you get a key ready for your Hyundai?

Once you receive your key blank, you will need to have it cut and, if it has a chip, programmed. When you go to have your new key cut and programmed, it is important to drive the vehicle the new key is intended for. That way, when the new key is done, you can test your Hyundai right before you leave.