Hunting Rubber Boots

How to Choose Rubber Hunting Boots

Hunting is a hobby thats enjoyable, but every time you go, you find that you end up ruining a pair of sneakers or shoes. You can solve this muddy, messy problem by purchasing specific footwear geared towards hunting, not to mention that your feet will stay comfortable and dry with hunting boots meant for the outdoors.

What Are Features of Hunting Boots?

Boots made of rubber arent your everyday footwear. Theyre made specifically for situations that may involve mud, water, and even snakes and other creatures that you might encounter.

  • Waterproof hunting boots keep your feet dry as you walk through wet areas, damp grass, or even riverbeds or streams.
  • Scent-free rubber boots help to prevent prey from smelling you coming. This feature can allow you to get a jump on animals, such as deer, where scent is a factor.
  • Insulated thermal boots allow you to hunt comfortably even when the weather isnt cooperating. On chilly days, insulation keeps your feet not only dry but warm, and a boot with insulation adds a level of comfort too.

What Are Some Brands of Hunting Boots?

Choose the right rubber boots for your next hunting trip by picking a brand. There are numerous sporting-goods brands to select from, as well as boots that come in many styles and colors.

  • Lacrosse makes scent-free rubber boots in a variety of styles, such as its Alphaburly line of camo hunting boots. These lined boots have an EVA midsole for cushion, and the adjustable gusset gives the boot a customized fit.
  • The Original Muck Boot Company creates waterproof, insulated boots that are meant for all-terrain use. Its Woody Blaze Cool Snake boot is snake-proof, meaning that snakes cant bite through the tough exterior of the boot. Its Mossy and Mossy Oak lines are meant for frigid weather conditions, with a fleece lining for warmth as well as a molded outsole for traction.
  • Realtree is a type of camouflage known for blending into the environment, and Field and Stream uses Realtree and Realtree Xtra to design its hunting boots.

Who Are Boots Made For?

A hunting boot isnt just for one gender, as there are boots for everyone who enjoys hunting.

  • Men do make up a substantial portion of boot purchasers, and there are many types available. To select a boot for a man, consider the type of socks youll wear with your boots. For winter hunting, you may wear thicker socks, so you may want to size up to accommodate those.
  • A hunting boot for women has the same features as a mans hunting boot. Women will want to choose their regular size, however, since a boot like this may be tight around the calves, women with curvier calves or who add socks may want to size up.
  • Childrens rubber footwear for hunting comes in sizes for small children and big kids alike. Features like Thinsulate and GORE-TEX keep small feet warm and protected from the elements.

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