Collecting Horse Charms for Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry makers keep supplies on hand to make necklaces, bracelets, and other handmade items. You can use horse animal charms to make equestrian jewelry for horse and animal lovers. Once youve gathered all your jewelry supplies, youre ready to start crafting pieces for yourself and others.

When Did Jewelry Making Start?

Pierced seashells and stone bracelets were found in Spain and Russia thousands of years ago. As time progressed, people starting adorning themselves in jewelry they handcrafted from copper, gold, and other metals. They mixed gemstones with metals or fashioned necklaces using bones and berries. Some carved bracelets from mammoth tusks and other unusual items. Nowadays, jewelry makers create designs and string beads and charms onto sterling silver and other metal wirings. Crafters create complete sets to include matching pendants, bangle bracelets, and earrings. Moreover, they may introduce rhinestone, Swarovski crystal, and other materials into their designs.

What Types of Horse Charms Are Available?

  • Horseshoes: Examples like silver-toned horseshoes are double-sided with "good luck" stamped on both sides. Others have a single plain horseshoe, while some have a horse image added in the center.
  • Horse Heads: Charms may have plated metal over brass, or you might find ones made from white gold and yellow gold. Sometimes, charms include two horse heads to include a bridle or other tack.
  • Horse and Rider: These charms capture the bond between horse and rider while theyre mastering dressage or jumping a fence.
  • Colts: Some of these horse charms are made from pewter, antique silver, or have a gold-toned finish. Charms may replicate an Arabian colt galloping representing real-life activity for yearlings.

What Kinds of Jewelry Can I Make Using Horse Charms?

Horse charms have a perforated hole at the top for stringing. Make a pendant necklace using one charm or construct a horse necklace using multiple charms. Create a horse-themed charm bracelet combining seahorses, rocking horses, and silver filigree carousel horse charms. Likewise, you can make a brooch by attaching a pin back finding to the back of the charm. Wear it when attending a horse race, or put it on every day when riding your horse or mucking out stalls. Some jewelry makers make leather bands and attach horse charms to dangle from the wrist. Finally, when making custom-designed horse jewelry, add a variety of charms to add visual interest. Combine birthstones, engraved initials, or antique horse charms like silver riding boots and saddle stirrups.