Honda Car and Truck Keyless Entry Remotes and Fobs

Keyless entry remotes and fobs are a luxury most drivers have become accustomed to. When a keyless entry fob for a car or truck stops working, drivers can find plenty of replacement options. Some replacement key fobs have additional features that can benefit drivers.

What features do keyless entry remotes come with?

Remotes for Honda vehicles come with a wide array of features. They include:

  • Lock/Unlock: Even the most basic keyless remote will lock and unlock the vehicles doors. Some of them unlock the drivers side only, while others open all doors simultaneously.
  • Trunk: Most keyless entry remotes also have a trunk opening feature, allowing drivers to pop open their trunk with a simple click. This feature comes in handy when users are carrying grocery bags or other heavy items.
  • Alarm: Key fobs also control the car alarm. If the alarm goes off, drivers can easily disengage it with their key fob.
  • Seat Adjustment: All drivers have seat preferences. Key fobs that come with seat adjustment features allow drivers to adjust their seats to their preset preferences before they get in the car.
  • Mirror Adjustment:: Some keys also allow drivers to adjust their mirrors to preferred settings.
  • Panic Button: In an emergency situation, the remote keyless entry panic button can be invaluable. The remote is usually red, and when it is pressed, it sets off the vehicles lights and horn. This keyless entry button is designed to be used in situations like medical emergencies and traffic accidents. It wont go off accidentally, as they need to be depressed for several seconds to take effect.
  • Car Locator: Thanks to the car locator function, drivers will no longer lose track of their vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Many key fobs combine the emergency function and the car locator function. If depressed for several seconds, the remotes button will trigger the emergency signal. If pressed for less time, the car will emit a short, chirp-like sound. This alerts drivers to the location of their vehicle, allowing them to find it quickly.
How do you select a compatible keyless entry remote replacement?

When a keyless entry remote stops working, you should take a look at your existing remote key fob. On the back of the remote, there should be an FCC ID number. This ID is compatible with the vehicles keyless entry system. When searching for a new remote, whether it a remote made by the manufacturer or a replacement by an aftermarket seller, you need to find one with a compatible FCC ID.

Drivers should be careful when selecting key fobs with lots of extra features. If the vehicles keyless entry system isnt equipped to provide mirror adjustments, for example, a high-tech keyless entry replacement remote wont change that.