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Hayward Pumps Can Meet Your Filtration Needs

A pool pump helps keep your pool or spa looking healthy and clean. They take out the impurities that can cause the water to look dingy. Hayward manufactures a full line of aquatic filtration products, and you can easily find a new or used pump on eBay for your spa or pool model.

How does a pool or spa pump work?

This piece of equipment is made to move water. The water is drawn from the pool into a hose, which is called an ?influent line.? The line leads the water into the pump. The water then passes through a strainer basket and makes its way into the impeller. The impeller piece connects to the electric motor shaft. This causes the impeller to be in constant motion. The centrifugal force of the rotation forces the water through another hose. Water will enter the effluent line, and this leads the water through the pool filter. The water pushes through the filter and back into the pool.

Why does a pool pump need to be primed?

All pumps must be primed. This is done by filling up the influent line with water. Once that is complete, the pump will force out any air that remains in the line. If the pump does not prime correctly, air will stay in the line. You may notice that the pump is not operating at peak performance. All inground pool pumps are self-priming as they sit above the water line. An aboveground pool pump is not always self-priming. The self-priming pumps allow water to drain from the pool back into the influent line. This action will cause the pump to prime.

What pool pump models are available from Hayward?

There is a full line of pumps from Hayward. They include:

  • Omni
  • TriStar
  • EcoStar
  • SuperPump
  • MaxFlo

Do all pools use the same size of motor?

Pool pumps are sized by the capacity to circulate water for eight hours. You will need to choose a motor that can handle this capacity for proper filtration and circulation. A larger pool pump does not necessarily mean the pool will be cleaner. You should always find the right size of pump and a motor that will meet your filtration needs.