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Hayward 1hp Single-Speed Pool Pumps

Hayward Super Pumps Keep Your Pool Clean

A pool pump is an essential piece of equipment. It keeps your pool looking clean and healthy and keeps the water safe to swim in. Hayward manufactures a full line of affordable pool products that can help keep your pool looking great all year long.

How does a pool pump work?

The pool pump is the main source for water filtration. Water is drawn through a hose known as an influent line. The water passes through a straining basket. This is where the impurities are filtered out. The impeller forces the remaining water through another hose. This water will enter the effluent line and proceed into the filter. The filter removes the remaining impurities. This filtered water is then distributed back into the pool.

Are all pool pumps self-priming?

All pool pumps need to be primed in order to work. The influent line must be filled with water. If there is air in the line, it can cause the pump to malfunction. You will see a noticeable decline in the quality of water with a failing pump. All of Haywards in-ground pool pumps are self-priming. These pumps contain a vacuum chamber. The chamber must be filled with water to create a vacuum. This allows the pump to draw the water out of the pool. You dont have to worry about priming another pool pump again with these models.

What is the Super Pump from Hayward?

The Super Pump is a medium head pool pump. It is one of the top products from Hayward. It features both single-speed and double-speed models. The Super Pump uses their exclusive swing-away hand knobs. This makes it easier to remove the strainer. Fewer maintenance visits are needed with an oversized basket. You can easily install the Super Pump as well. You can access the internal components after removing four bolts from the unit.

What horsepower options are available?

The Super Pump has a few different choices when it comes to horsepower. The single-speed models have the smallest amount of horsepower. Pumps with the double-speed option have up to 2.5 horsepower per unit. Some Super Pump options include:

  • 0.5 horsepower
  • 1.0 horsepower
  • 2.0 horsepower
  • 2.5 horsepower
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