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Photographing with 500 EL M Film Cameras

There are some cameras that made their way into the history books and the 500 EL M medium format camera is one such success story. Most famously used to capture photographs of the moon during the Apollo mission, it has a reputation for its long service life, while being compatible with a range of different lenses. You may want to know exactly what a medium format camera is and the advantages of using its camera bodies and camera lenses in modern-day photography.

What Is a Medium Format Camera?

Medium format refers to cameras that record on film larger than 24mm by 36mm, which is the standard for 35mm photography, while being smaller than 4 by 5 inches, which is the minimum consideration for large format photography.

  • Medium format was once the most widely used size in shooting films, but now mainly enthusiasts use it in both photography and movie making when they want to experiment with different film sizes.
  • The majority of medium format film in production today is the 6cm 120 and 220 sizes, although specialist filmmakers can customize other sizes if required.
  • In addition to film medium format cameras, you can also find digital medium format cameras that use a larger sensor than the standard full-frame 35mm as well as old film cameras fitted with digital camera backs so they can utilize the digital medium.

What Are the Advantages of Medium Format Cameras?

With three to four times the surface of a 35mm film frame, the main advantage of photographing with medium format cameras is the ability to significantly enlarge the images without losing a lot of detail.

  • For example, when you use a 50mm lens on both a 35mm camera and medium format model, its going to capture a wider angle of view on the medium format without distortion or an exaggerated perspective.
  • Photographs captured with medium format bodies and lenses also have a certain look and aesthetic, with a natural appearance that is similar to what the human eye sees.

What Is the Appeal of Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras?

Hasselblad was the company that first developed the professional medium format modular single lens reflex camera used during the Apollo space missions when man first landed on the moon.

  • Most of the still images taken during this mission used a modified camera by the brand and were shown around the world, instantly giving the cameras a place in world history.
  • Hasselblads medium format cameras gained a reputation for their long service life and the quality of lenses that were available.
  • The 500 EL M referred to the cameras modified electric motor and was similar to the 500 C in that it used the same magazines, lenses, and viewfinders.

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