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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rear and Brake Light Assemblies

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle rear and brake light assemblies feature various parts depending on the model of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. These components can include brake lights, chrome brake caliper, brake pads, and the rotor. Get the appropriate model number to ensure optimal performance of the rear and brake light.

How do you fix the rear brake light switch?

The brake light switch on the rear brakes can break if there is air in the line or a wiring problem. A solution to resolving the issue is connecting the two wires together and then checking the brake light switch. If the light comes on with the switch, the wiring is working. Continue to resolve the problem by bleeding the brakes.

What are the activation systems of the Harley-Davidson rear/front brakes?

The front brake is activated when its switch, located in the lever, adjusts state and is taken off the switch head. The brake works with a fluid pressure that changes states based on the pressure in the brake line press in the diaphragm of the sensor switch.

How do you remove the Harley-Davidson chrome brake caliper?

Begin by removing the two Torx bolts holding the chrome brake caliper to the bracket with a 3/8 inch drive or a hand impact wrench. Lube applied to the bolts will help with their removal. With a mirror, a wire brake pad retainer on the back side of the chrome caliper will be seen. Remove the wire brake pad retainer and then the rear brake caliper.

What are features of Harley-Davidson floating brake rotors?

The floating rotor can be used with original equipment or custom wheels. They feature a steel inner carrier shaped to accent the wheel in addition to a drilled stainless steel outer disc that is precision-riveted in place.

How do you clean the Harley-Davidson piston?

With a penetrating solution or oil, soak the piston overnight. Use a brass brush to remove the carbon and then thoroughly clean the lands and groves. An old toothbrush can be helpful for cleaning the grove. Avoid using a caper or any hard material to clean the piston.

How do you replace brake light switches on the Harley-Davidson?
  1. Turn off the ignition. Detach the negative terminal from the battery. Then, remove the brake switch from the wiring harness by gently taking off the spade connectors.
  2. Dismantle the switch from the rear brake master cylinder. To avoid contamination of the brake fluid, clean the switch mounting threads.
  3. Add a drop of Loc-tite No. 565 to the threads of the new switch and place it onto the master cylinder, securing it down to 84 to 120 inch-pounds. Attach the spade connectors to the new brake switch.
  4. Turn on the ignition and lower the rear brake pedal. If the brake light does not turn on or the brake pedal feels soft, bleed the brake lines to eliminate air bubbles.