Handgun Safes

A biometric handgun safe is designed to protect firearms from the prying hands of children and robbers. These types of vaults use an electronic lock to create a safe and reliable firearm storage system. Those who own a handgun, a pistol, or even a rifle can get a vault with a keypad, a safe for their vehicle, or a specialized system.

What kinds of guns can a safe store?
  • Handgun – Those looking for a reliable biometric storage item often choose a quick-access pistol safe or vault to protect their firearms.
  • Rifle – Larger gun safes like these expand upon the basic pistol safe to create a more useful system.
  • Shotguns and muzzle loaders – Storing these items in a gun safe is a great idea because they include multiple areas where you can hide your powder and ammo.
How should you store ammo in a small gun safe?

When storing a firearm in a cable or quick-access, stack-on safe, make sure to store your ammo safely. The best way to do this is to place your safe in an area that won't be affected by high heat. Too much heat can cause the ammo or powder to ignite.

You also need to make sure to store your ammo in a locked drawer or a separate safe. Some choose a combination lock safe because these are harder to crack. Without the ammo for the gun, a thief or a child won't be able to use it.

How should you mount a small gun safe?
  • Find a safe location – A good gun safe should be located in a place that is easy for you to access but hard for others to find. A good spot for a biometric item like this is in a bedroom or a locked room.
  • Find the studs in your wall – When hanging a gun safe on your wall, you need to find the studs in the wall. These will hold the safe securely and keep it from falling over.
  • Locate the predrilled holes – Gun safes typically have predrilled holes that you use to hang them on the wall. Find these and insert screws or nails in the wall's studs to install the safe.
  • Hang it up – Slide your electronic lock safe onto the screws and adjust it until it snaps into place. Your safe should be secure and snug to the wall.
What should you look for in a personal gun safe?

A good safe should have a reliable lock to keep it closed. These locks could include a keypad system, combination locks, and even a cable system. Many of these systems use a stack-on method to create a sturdier safe. For those who want a safe in their vehicle, it is important to find one that is portable and easy to carry.