Hand Saws

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Despite the rise of power tools, hand saws are still in high demand and offer precision and versatility. These tools come in all shapes and sizes and perform a variety of tasks, from general lumber cutting to smaller tasks. They can go through all kinds of material, depending on the type you are using.

What is a wood saw?

It is designed for cutting lumber. From living trees to high precision cuts on small strips of material, there is a saw for every job. Some are designed to be "all-purpose" and are ideal for rough cuts and general contracting, while others are designed for a very specific job. With the proper arsenal, you can accomplish any task. Some of the more common saws include:

  • Mitre Saw- Designed to make straight cuts. With a miter box, you can make precise angles, too.
  • Dovetail Saw- Specifically made to create dovetail joints. This saw is crucial for high-quality woodwork
  • Crosscut Saw- Made for cutting smaller pieces. Especially popular in furniture making.
  • Coping Saw- A saw with a very thin blade, designed for coping trim work and hand cutting elaborate designs.
What saw can you use to cut through metal?

If you need a hand saw to get through metal, look no further than the hacksaw. Hacksaws are designed with a C-shaped frame and a thin flexible blade. The size and spacing of the blades teeth determines the metal the saw can cut through. Small teeth spaced close together are designed for thin or soft metal, while large teeth with wide spacing are ideal for large heavy metals like iron and steel.

What is the use of a hand saw?

The hand saw is used to shape pieces of wood and metal, depending on the style. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are general purpose, while others are designed for a specific task. While power tools are more commonly found today, in many cases the old-fashioned version is still a better option.

  • Jobs outdoors- Sometimes you just cant find a plug.
  • Jobs in high or tight spaces- Using power tools in hard to reach places can be awkward and dangerous. A well-cared-for hand tool can handle the same job with safety and ease.
  • Small or fine cuts- When working with smaller pieces of wood, a hand tool is much easier to control than a power tool.