HVAC/R Fans & Blowers

Industrial HVAC Fans and Blowers

Whether you work in HVAC or youre taking part in some simple repairs around your home, an important component when it comes to your HVAC system is the internal fan within the industrial system. There is more than one type of industrial HVAC fan, and all fans have different applications within the control systems. To know if youre purchasing the right one, its good to know what youre using it for, and also a plus to learn about the different types of ventilation fans.

What Are the Different Types of HVAC Fans?

There are three distinct types of industrial HVAC systems that work within systems for heating and cooling equipment:

  • Axial fans: This term actually refers to the type of fan you see most often around your house. An axial fan is only designed to move a low volume of air in order to provide cooling for an area or a component. It does exhibit a lot of control over a system, but is a necessary part of cooling down a system. This type of fan is also used in automobile and ceiling fan installation.
  • Centrifugal fan: You may often see this type of fan on the roof of a commercial building. This industrial fan packs a lot of force, and is used to move larger volumes of air, whether it be for heating or cooling. It is an integral part of an industrial HVAC system.
  • Backward inclined fan: While this is a technically a centrifugal fan, because it moves air in a different direction, its notably separated. This fan is designed to handle larger volumes of clean air, both for heating and cooling.

How Are the Fans Used in HVAC Construction?

All of the above fans are used to move air in and out of the vents and ducts, but they are used in different ways throughout the system.

  • Axial fans are also used on the rooftops of commercial buildings, but you may also find them in the compressor of the air systems or unit.
  • Centrifugal fans are almost exclusively on or directly under rooftops, and they essentially pump air in and out of the conductor to heat or cool the building.
  • Backward inclined fans are located throughout the system, and are more responsible for the fresh air quality.

What Are Different Industrial Fan Brands?

As with all HVAC parts and components, there are several well-known brands involved in production of industrial HVAC fans. Known for producing good indoor air quality, there are many more trusted brands besides those listed below that do a terrific job. These are just a few of the notable brands:

  • Fasco
  • Dayton
  • Goodman
  • Revcor
  • Fuji
  • Carrier
  • Siemens
  • Trane

You may find that different companies are adept at producing different types of fans. For example, youll find that Siemens specializes in cooling fans and blowers.

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