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Specifications for HP Intel Xeon PC Desktops

HP manufactures a number of desktop computers that run on Intel cores with Xeon-grade chipsets, including the HP Pavilion. These computers, whether it’s a desktop PC or an all-in-one desktop computer, may be of use to you if you are running a business and require systems that have large amounts of RAM, cache memory, and hard drive space, all controlled by an Intel Core CPU. There are many ways to choose one of these products, and you may be able to narrow your search by learning about some of their most common features.

Are these desktop computers available in different forms?

HP produces computers that you can purchase in several form factors, including all-in-one computers, depending on your needs. Models include desktops with the Intel i5-7400 processor, the i7-8700 processor, and others. You may also wish to purchase computers according to the size of your office or the desk space available to you. You can see the manufacturer site for details on the sizes of specific models that interest you, such as the HP Pavilion desktop. Keep in mind that a computers form factor relates to the size of its motherboard and can affect the number of drive bays or NVIDIA graphics card slots. Some of the form factors you might find during your search include:

  • Tower - Most standard desktop computer towers measure 24 inches in height and eight inches in width.
  • Mid tower - A mid tower averages 18 inches in height and 7.5 inches in width. You may wish to use a mini tower if your desk sits low to the ground.
  • Mini tower - A mini tower is usually 14 inches in height and eight inches in width.

What storage types and capacities can you choose?

The HP Intel Xeon PC desktop computers include drives to store your data. You may wish to choose a computer based on the type of hard drive it has or how much data you can store on it. The two most common types are standard and solid-state drives. An SSD has no mechanical parts that need to move in order to access and display data, so it may be able to function at a quick pace. A standard hard drive may be useful to you if you want to archive digital documents, photos, or videos for long-term storage. Some common storage capacities, in the form of GB memory, are:

  • 100 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1 TB
  • 2 TB

What are some hardware connectivity options?

Hardware connectivity refers to the methods by which you can attach other devices to your desktop PC. You can attach Blu-ray players, DVD players, expandable memory in the form of GB RAM, and more. Some of the most common options for these connections include:

  • USB - Many computers contain one or more USB ports that can accept USB storage devices.
  • HDMI - You may wish to use an HDMI connection to connect your computer to another screen, such as a TV, using an HDMI cable. Some NVIDIA graphics cards allow for multiple video connections.

What is an all-in-one computer?

An all-in-one computer houses components like the AMD microprocessor or Intel core CPU in the monitor. This means the device doesnt need both a tower and monitor. You may wish to use this type of computer for convenience and as a space-saving option.

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