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Facts to Know About Gummies, Jelly Beans, and Soft Jellies Candies

People of all ages can enjoy gummy candies. Soft, chewy, and full of flavor, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes from various brands. While many people will think of that big tub of jelly beans as sweet and fruity, you can find them in all sorts of other flavors, too. Keep reading to learn more about gummies and similar confections.

What shapes and sizes do jelly beans come in?

Jelly beans and other chewy gummies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Gummies, originally designed as small bears, can now be found modeled after everything from crawling worms to human brains. Some of the most common types you will find include:

  • Jelly beans in miniature, standard, and jumbo sizes
  • Fruit jellies, some with juicy or squirting centers
  • Jelly-filled shapes and straws like the ones used in viral challenges
  • Fast-food shapes like hamburgers and fries
  • Gummies molded to look like almost any animal you can imagine
Are jelly beans the most common jelly candies?

Chewy and juicy, jelly and gummy candies have been favorite treats for decades. Jelly beans are widely adored, but they are far from the only jelly candy around. Gummy bears were one of the first chewy candies to appear in the 1920s thanks to an inventive German candy maker. Unlike previous versions, the new bears were the first to be made with gelatin for the tell-tale chewiness.

What flavors of gummy candies are available?

Whether you like sweet, fruity, sour, or spicy candy, you can find a gummy to satisfy your taste buds. Most flavors can be purchased in quantities ranging from snack size to bulk packaging. When you’re ready to find your next favorite flavor, look for choices like:

  • Fruit flavors like cherry, watermelon, grape, orange, and lemon
  • Sour and extreme-sour mixes
  • Gourmet blends that include flavors like buttered popcorn
  • Spicy black licorice
  • Mystery flavors with names like "dishwater" or "old socks"
Are these candies suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

Not everyone can snack away on endless sugar. So, while you might imagine jelly candies as a sugary temptation, you can often find a sugar-free assortment available for those who need to limit their intake. Many gummies are also available in vegan formulas for people who avoid any animal products in their diets. Some manufacturers offer a Kosher certification on their products, so be sure to look for the stamp when you are shopping on eBay.