Green Skirts for Women

No matter the season, a green skirt can be worn for many occasions. It's a classy and timeless color that is appropriate to wear for work, play, or a fancy dinner. From a striped pencil skirt to a floral miniskirt, green provides a unique pop of color to any style.

What shades of green are available?

Green is a very forgiving color. All women, no matter what their skin tone or size, can pull off this type of skirt. An olive green skirt is perfect for those with a darker complexion and hair color, although anyone can wear olive. Olive green is also a great color for the fall months. Neon green is another popular choice. A neon green skirt is a bit edgier but still perfect when you're going out for the night. The great thing about green skirts is that they pair well with solid colored tops such as black, gray, or white. They come in sizes for all body shapes, too. Some have high waists, some are tight, some are bodycon, and some are short. You can easily find what suits your needs.

What are the different types of skirts?

The skirt you choose will depend on your body type. Look for something that flatters your body, hides your problem areas, and makes you a goddess in green. Different kinds of skirts all have their own time and place to be worn.

  • Pencil skirt: A green pencil skirt provides a timeless look. It's the perfect shade and length to wear to work. It is both modest and sexy.
  • Olive stretchable skirt: An olive stretchable one is classy yet practical. The stretchability makes it comfortable for all occasions.
  • Pleated skirt: Pleated is gorgeous. They can be worn for any fancy occasion, especially in a darker shade of green. You can also dress them down by pairing them with a t-shirt.
  • Miniskirt: Miniskirts are perfect for those fun nights out! Show off some leg, have a good time, and dance the night away in style with a miniskirt.
  • Skater skirt: Skater is a flirty, fun, and edgy style. You can dress them up by pairing them with a button-up or dress them down by wearing a solid colored sweatshirt. Skater skirts are extremely versatile.
  • Floral skirt: Floral is feminine. It's the perfect staple to have in your closet, especially during the spring and summer months.
  • Bodycon: A bodycon skirt will hug your body in just the right places and show off your figure. The waist can be pulled up to hide problem areas.
  • Medium-length maxi skirt: A medium-length maxi skirt is one that you can pull off no matter what month it is.
  • Midi skirt: Midi skirts can be very pretty. They're versatile, they come in a variety of styles, and they're perfect for any function.