Google Smart Glasses

Look Into the Future With Google Glass

Do you love to try out new technology as it comes on the market? Well, one of the gadgets that you may find interesting is Google Glass. There are several different versions of Google glasses for sale, so search around before making a purchase as eBay offers a variety of affordable options for you to consider.

What are some Google Glass features?

The Google Glass you buy is going to have quite a lot of features that will be appealing for just about anyone. In fact, if you buy Google glasses, you will have a number of apps right in your eyewear. These glasses can give you unobtrusive instructions of how to do something as you are doing it. With this device, you will also be able to:

  • Take first-person photos
  • See search results in your field of vision
  • Receive directions without looking at a device
  • See virtual reminders
  • Send texts

What is the Google Glass Enterprise Edition?

This is the second version of the Google Glass, and it was designed to be more compatible with people who work with their hands. It has hands-free features that are designed to make the work days of blue-collar workers or artists much easier. You say "OK Glass" to give voice commands to the device. Other versions of these Smartglasses include:

  • Google Glass 2
  • Google Glass 3
  • Google Glass 2017
  • Google Glass 2018

How much does Google Glass cost?

Since this product has been on the market for a while, the Google glass price is not as high as it was when it was first released. In fact, you can easily find affordable Google glasses; the trick is knowing where to buy Google glasses so that you can get a good deal. Youve come to the right place at eBay.

Is Google Glass compatible with a vision prescription?

If you wear prescription glasses, there are options that will allow you to use this tech as well. You can choose between four lightweight frames. The frames that you order will not have your prescription in them, but your eye doctor can easily swap the non-prescription lenses out for lenses with your prescription. Make sure to ask your eye doctor for assistance so that the lenses fit in the frames properly. You will also want to make sure that the fit is comfortable once your prescription lenses are positioned in the frame.

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