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Golf Towels

No golf set is complete without a set of quality golf towels. A towel can be used for polishing golf clubs, balls, and hands. With these golf towels, you can keep all your golf accessories as clean as possible while you're on the course.

What should you keep in mind when purchasing golf towels?

  • Material: Most golf towels are made of quality microfibers. Like a bath towel, the microfiber designs of golf towels help keep your equipment clean.
  • Color: It's nice to be able to accessorize your golf necessities. Choose a tasteful color for your golf towels that matches well with your golf bag and other accessories.
  • Absorbency: You want to make sure the brand of golf towels can handle cleaning all types of equipment and last the duration of an entire golf game. The more microfibers in the design, the better the absorbency.
  • Size: A golf towel should not be the size of a bath towel, but it should be large enough to fit around your golf accessories.

Where should you keep your golf towels?

When you're playing golf, you should keep your towels in your bag or on your golf cart. If they are in your bag, they should be neatly folded and placed in a designated pocket. If they are on your golf cart, they should be placed in a location so as to keep them as clean as possible. Every microfiber must be ready when you need to use the towel.

Away from the golf course, you can keep your towel in the bag, or you can have a designated spot for your towels in your home. Make sure your towel is properly washed after a golf game.

How can you wash a golf towel?

Golf towels can be washed in a standard washing machine. The towels should be rinsed off before being placed in the machine. Towels used during a golf game can pick up mud, sticks, and dirt that could affect your washing machine. Wash the towels in cold water. If you have the time, you can also wash the towels by hand. Make sure you are gentle to prevent harming the microfibers.

How should you use golf towels?

Golf towels need to be used carefully to help them last as long as possible. When a ball or club is visibly dirty, you should use a towel. There are washing stations at most golf courses where you can clean golf balls; you can dry these gently with your golf towel. Clubs should also be dried as carefully as possible. Make sure you use a consistently light motion with your hands on your clubs. Should your hands get dirty while playing, you can use your towel to clean them. Keep your towels in good shape, and your towel will continue to be an asset for you.