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Creating Surreal Images with Fisheye Lenses

Creating strong visual distortion, fisheyes are ultra-wide camera lenses that result in panoramic or hemispherical images. While designed for meteorological purposes, now you can use them in all kinds of photography for a distinct creative edge. Outdoor enthusiasts use GoPro fisheye lenses to capture their adventures through video and still images, while also incorporating the surrounding landscapes.

Which Types of Fisheye Lenses Are Available?

Different types of fisheye lenses will distort the image differently, but they generally come in two types.

  • Circular fisheyes were the first type developed, and transform a 180-degree hemisphere into a circle within the frame. Inscribed on the sensor area is the image circle and the corners of the frame are often completely dark.
  • Full-frame fisheyes circumscribe around the film, with the image circle enlarged to cover the entire frame.
  • While you can create fisheye effects using in-camera settings or digital software, they are generally unable to extend the original image's angle of view to a true fisheye effect.

What Is the Difference Between a Fisheye Lens and a Wide-Angle Lens?

While wide-angle lenses correct for distortion, fisheye lenses don't and purposely feature what you may know as barrel distortion.

  • A wide-angle lens will always have a field of view that is less than that of a fisheye lens with the same focal length, but with the addition of corrective lens elements.
  • Fisheye lenses are a good option for creating surreal-looking images or video, but aren't ideal for capturing sweeping landscape shots that have a realistic feel.
  • You can use both to capture close-up action shots while also incorporating the context of the environment, such as a snowboarder within an alpine landscape.

Can You Add and Remove Fisheye Effects From Your Camera?

Some action and compact cameras come with fisheye effects that you can easily remove with a simple change of the settings.

  • GoPro Superview stretches the image from a standard square ratio of 4:3 to a rectangular screen of 16:9, which allows you to capture more of your surrounding environment. Within the Superview mode, you have the option to use the fisheye effect for an even broader look or select to remove it in the settings if you don't want the distortion.
  • You can also find additional dome lenses that you can add to some action and compact cameras to create a fisheye effect while shooting still images and videos.
  • Fisheye lenses on digital SLR cameras will always capture images with a fisheye effect, but you can simply remove and replace them with another lens when you finish shooting.

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