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About GoPro Action Digital Cameras

Shop the large camera and photo equipment inventory, including GoPro High-definition camcorders, which are available for sale!

Whether catching serious air on your wakeboard or launching over the next ridge on your mountain bike, your Go Pro digital camera preserves every heart-pounding moment. Shockproof and waterproof to over 130 feet below water, the GoPro Hero3 captures crystal-clear, high-quality 1080p video under incredible circumstances, enhancing your experience.

Take your Go Pro camera to splash around with friends in the pool. Strap it to your sled while going down a snowy hill. Mount it on your bike helmet to capture the madness of your daily commute. Any GoPro video camera stands up to dirt, sand, water, snow, and virtually anything else that might damage a less-rugged camera.

A built-in microphone catches every grunt, holler, and cheer. The Skeleton Backdoor opens to enable extra-clear recording in low-risk situations. User-friendly settings make the camera fast and intuitive. Users can take advantage of Auto Low Light mode, which adjusts automatically for optimal performance when traveling through areas with different amounts of light.

QuikCapture mode allows you to power on and record at a moment's notice with a single button press. Because these cameras are as stalwart as they are, even a used GoPro digital camera from trusted sellers on eBay is a safe investment for the right price.