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Gerber Hunting Multi-Tools

Gerber Hunting Multi-Tools

Having a multi-tool can come in handy in a variety of situations, especially when hunting in the field, as these compact yet effective products fit comfortably into your pocket and contain many tools, including pliers, wire cutters, knife blades, saws, and a bottle opener. A large variety of Gerber hunting multi-tools allow you to find a fit for your hunting needs.

Which styles of multi-tools are available?

There are two main styles of multi-tools with two handles, each one with different features, types of blades, and sizes, so it is important to find one that fits your specific needs.

  • Butterfly opening: These tools consist of two handles that unfold from each other, producing a functional pair of pliers. These multi-tools contain a variety of tools, including knives with different types of blades and hunting-specific tools.
  • One-handed opening: These multi-tools consist of two handles and incorporate a spring-loaded design, allowing you to easily open up the multi-tool with one hand and access the necessary tool efficiently.
What specialized tools are offered?

There are some types of multi-tools that are made specifically for the job at hand. These tools are designed to be compact, allowing efficiency in the field.

  • Specialized: The specialized multi-tools are designed for a specific job and include all the necessary tools to complete any task. These tools are targeted toward archery, gun cleaning, and maintenance, as well as cable work.
  • Solid state: Solid-state tools do not open up, have fewer moving pieces, and frequently clip onto a belt or attach to a keychain for easy carrying. These multi-tools generally are geared for specific purposes as well, such as archery and gun maintenance.
  • Zipper-pull: These tools are portable and make efficient use of space, as they easily attach to either a zipper or a keychain and fit in the palm of your hand. These tools include screwdrivers or a flat-blade knife depending on the model.
What are some factors to consider when purchasing a multi-tool?
  • Knife type: Blades may be serrated, straight, a combination of both, or saw-like, so it is important to see which knife and blade type is going to be beneficial for your needs.
  • Nonslip handle: Many of these multi-tools will come with nonslip grips. This can be a handy safety feature, especially when using the knife.
  • Blade locking: It is important that each knife comes with a blade-locking mechanism. This prevents the knife from collapsing when it is in use, helping to prevent injuries.
  • Carry size: These products come in a variety of sizes, many of which fit easily into a pocket or fit snugly on a belt. Some smaller products fit easily on a keychain and take up less space.
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